Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday pics

Andrew's typical picture face:)

Even though this picture may not look like it, Andrew LOVED his banana mango baby food. We have tried several times to get him to eat solids, but we had no luck...until today!

Happy after getting some food in that belly.

The latest on Andrew...

Every day is more fun than the day before! He's really starting to scoot around on the floor. He can get to any toy he wants. This past week, he has been grabbing our faces and then trying to eat us! It's very cute. He still talks all the time and spits at us a lot, too.

About a month and half ago, Andrew started spitting up A LOT. About a week after his 4 month well-check, it got really bad, and I just knew something was up. Turns out, he had another ear infection:(. This might have had a lot to do with the spitting up, but he does have some reflux. He had lost 2 oz. in that week after his 4 month well-check. We switched his formula to a sensitive kind so he wouldn't spit up as much. It has worked really well. He doesn't spit up much anymore. I can't wait to see if he's put on some weight! I will update after his doctor's appointment this week.


  1. How can anyone think that baby does not look like you? That last picture might as well have "Lindley 'Firebird Johnson' McKinley is my mama" tattooed across him forehead!!!! Adorable!!!

  2. He really has to be one of the cutest babies I've ever seen! LOVE the first picture!