Saturday, October 31, 2009

First Halloween

We had a party at our house for Halloween with our good friends and their cute babies. Some of our friends without kids came, but they probably were a little overwhelmed by all the baby madness! We all had a great time oohing and aahing over the cutie babes. Andrew decided to dress up as a penguin. I think he made a good choice:) Thanks to Mandi and Jackson for letting Andrew borrow the adorable penguin costume so that his wish could be fulfilled!

Mountain Brook's newest mommies: (Standing) Me and Andrew, Kelly and Keegan, Lisa and Dominic, Tiffanie and Taylor, Ashley and Kelsey, (Sitting) Kim and Kara, Ashley and Tyler, and Elizabeth and Annie

Andrew the penguin, Annie bananie, Tyler the crab, Taylor the flower blossom, and Dominic the monkey

We've got penguins AND monkeys in our neighborhood!

Andrew's first Halloween


  1. I agree that Andrew made a good choice. I give the penguin costume two thumbs up!