Sunday, May 22, 2011

Big {Sick} Boy Bed

Andrew has been through so much this past month. Let's see if I can remember it all: walking pneumonia, some sort of viral infection, pink eye, an ear infection, the stomach bug (or maybe an allergic reaction to amoxicillin...that is yet to be figured out), and endless fevers. We've spent a small fortune at the doctor's office and have gotten to know Dr. Bien really well. Thank Heavens for Andrew's MiMi and Grandaddy - they've picked him up from school and taken him to the doctor a couple times for us. I'll back up and talk about school. We love Andrew's school, don't get me wrong, but I've never seen my child so sick. We've been told this is normal, but how much more can a 2-year old take? Doctors have told us that because he's in daycare, he'll be sick every month until he's about 4. WHAT?! This just cannot be. Is there some sort of support group I can join for parents of children who have to go to daycare every once in a while? I need one.

And another mountain to climb - we've bucked up and decided to tackle the eating (or shall I say not eating). We've certainly got a challenge on our hands. We want the best for Andrew, so we'll put him through a little toddler torture to get him to eat some nutritious food. He's growing for sure - 30th percentile for weight and 50th for height. But chicken nuggets and waffles does not a small body good. Doctors are concerned about his "caloric intake" and "digestive health". If he's anything like his daddy, we have nothing to worry about as far as caloric intake, that's for sure! Digestive health...well, we've had that problem from day one. Sorry, TMI.

I'll leave you with our sick boy's newest milestone - BIG BOY BED! He's been a trouper so far, with one long nap and a full night's sleep. Both without getting out of bed. WOOHOO! We're so proud!

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  1. Poor Andrew...I know how that is. :( We only had to go through one really bad winter when Jackson started school. It was SOOOO much better the next year (we didn't have to wait until he was 4).