Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

Andrew has been battling a really bad cold for a couple weeks now and hasn't felt well at all. After two trips to the doctor, we finally figured it all out - he has atypical (walking) pneumonia AND a sinus infection. I'm shocked he even smiled at all on Easter, but he did...

After being a big boy in the church nursery

We both have wild hair:)

Seeing what the Easter bunny brought him...

I ordered his Easter basket from a lady on Etsy, and she mailed the original one to another person. To make sure Andrew had his basket (more like a tote) in time for Easter, she made him another one for free!

The free one:)


Opening his Easter basket from Gran-daddy and MiMi

Glad he knows what to do with a toothbrush!

Playing with cousin Will

He was really more interested in smashing the ants.

MiMi counting all the eggs the boys found

Pretty much the look he's had on his face for the last couple weeks:(


With cousins Will and Jack

This turned out exactly like we expected but nothing like what we wanted!

Not-so-welcomed cousin love:)

Happy Easter!

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