Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow 2011

Saying "It's cold!"

Don't ask how I made these footprints...

It looks like he's going down the hill, but we don't actually have any hills in our yard. And that baby bathtub didn't really help either!

Makeshift snow outfit - grocery bags on feet and socks on hands. He hated it.


  1. I don't think I've really commented to tell you, but I love all these latest blog posts. And now I'm deciding Andrew looks like Teresa. Just get him a Michael Jackson glitter glove and let her teach him her moves. Then I should really be able to tell.

  2. The whole world has learned many valuable hints today from my young and enterprising years. I have, in fact, used plastic bags with rubber bands over shoes to protect the feet of my precious daughters when they played in the snow. I have also, in fact, used socks to protect their tiny fingers when they played in the snow. Now.....the whole free world knows that I can also perform Michael Jackson dances, for the entertainment of my precious daughters. I am one, multi-talented old grandmother. And the fact that one of my precious grandchildren looks like, I am so blessed!

  3. this last picture looks like it should be on a greeting card: "happy freakin' snow day!" LOL :)