Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekend Pics

What a fun weekend we had! Andrew had his very first mini golf experience with our neighbors, Matt and Kelly Beck. Unfortunately, we didn't have the camera with us so we didn't get pics, but it was a lot of fun! Andrew slept the whole time. He loved the fresh air!

Andrew turned 2 months old on Saturday! We went to a neighborhood cookout that night. There were lots of cute babies there. Andrew is going to have so many kids his age to play with in the neighborhood. Here are just a couple of other babies close to his age...

Andrew, Reese, and Dominic

Andrew got LOTS of camera attention over the weekend~

I beg you, Mommy...please stop taking pictures of me!

I'll be sitting up before long!

Checking out the mobile

You're wearing me out, Mom!

Maybe one day Daddy will get me a bike to match my Mommy will ever let that happen! (Thanks for letting us borrow these, Mandi and Jackson!)

How YOU doin'?

Playing with all my stuffed friends!

All is good in the world when Daddy is holding me:)

My mom's cool, too:)


  1. this post is a classic! love the HD diaper cover, the sunglasses and the "quotes" from andrew - too cute! the b & w pics are adorable too :)

  2. He is so sweet! I love the one of him in the chair with the bear!!

  3. I'm glad someone besides me poses their babies all over the place to take pictures. I'm proud of you!

  4. LOVE the pics! Especially with the two other cute babies! :)