Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mississippi Trip

Andrew just took his first trip home to Mississippi and had so much fun! Andrew got to meet two of his great aunts, some cousins, and lots of friends. My best friend from high school, Janet, came by and brought her three kids to visit with us. It was so good to finally meet her little man, Brayden. He is the happiest baby I've ever seen! Two of the Mississippi Girls, Rozane and Marni, came with their babies Annie and Carter. These babies don't realize it yet, but they are all going to be best friends one day:)

Me and Brayden

Janet and her daughter Gaby with Andrew

Andrew with all his cousins, Jack, Will, Ellie, and Isaac

Me and Andrew, Rozane and Annie, and Marni and Carter

Hannah (my sister) and Andrew

Andrew with his Gimme (my mom)


  1. lindley, you look great! love the face Andrew's making at your mom in the last picture. " it, woman."